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Artist Album Title Genre

Waite, John

Rover's Return Pop

Wakeman, Rick

Journey to the Centre of the Earth Pop

The Myths & Legends of King Arthur… Pop

Walker, Clay

Clay Walker Country

If I Could Make a Living Country

Rumor Has It Country

Walker, Jerry Jeff

Great Gonzos (Greatest Hits) Rock

Wallflowers, The

Bringing Down the Horses Rock

Walsh, Joe

But Seriously Folks Rock

Ordinary Average Guy Rock


Chery Pie Rock

Waters, Crystal

100% Pure Love Single

Gypsy Woman Single

Relax Single

Say…If You Felel Alright Single

Waters, Roger

Radio K.A.O.S. Rock

Watley, Jody

Affairs of the Heart Soul

You Wanna Fance with Me? Dance


Music from the Edge of Heaven Pop

Wheeler, Caron

Beach of the War Goddess Soul

White Town

Women in Technology Pop

White, Barry

All Time Greatest Hits Soul

White, Karyn

Romantic Single

Williams, Hank Sr. & Jr.

The Best of Hank & Hank (Greatest Hits) Country

Williams, Vanessa

Next Pop

The Comfort Zone Pop

The First Ten Years (Greatest Hits) Pop

The Sweetest Days Pop

Williams, Vesta

Special Soul

Wilson Phillips

Shadows & Lights Pop

Wilson Phillips Pop

Winans, BeBe & CeCe

Heaven Christian

Winans, The

Return Christian

Windwood, Steve

Back in the High Life Pop


Winger Rock

Winston, George

December New Age

Summer New Age

Wonder, Stevie

Song Review (Greatest Hits) (2) Soul

The Original Musicquarium (Greatest Hits) (2) Soul


Phoenix Pop

Twist of Shadows Pop

Yankovic, Weird Al

Off the Deep End Pop


Situation Single

Upstairs at Eric's Dance

You & Me Both Dance

Yearwood, Tricia

Hears in Armor Country

Songbook (Greatest Hits) Country

The Song Remembers When Country

Thinking About You Country


90125 Pop

Union Pop

Yoakum, Dwight

This Time Country

Young MC

Stone Cold Rhymin' Rap

ZZ Top

Afterburner Rock

Greatest Hits Rock

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