Stock the Bar party:
July 26, 2008
Had a few people over to help stock the bar. Should've had them help clean up too.
The Ugly Mug:
May 23, 2008
Photos from a night out at The Ugly Mug.  It was also Matt Flamant's last night in town.
Dale's birthday celebration:
March 29, 2008
No longer chicken, not yet a rooster.
Teddy's Throwdown:
March 18, 2008
My good friend Teddy Folkman was challenged to a Throwdown by Bobby Flay of the Food Network. Thanks for the pics, Jamie.
West Wing tour:
February 20, 2008
My good friend Ross was gracious enough to take us on a tour of the West Wing.
Patrick's birthday celebration:
February 16, 2008
Patrick Pressman turns another year younger.
The Front Page:
February 16, 2008
A night at the Front Page.
New Year's Eve:
December 31, 2007
The end of yet another year.
A Farewell to Claude:
December 14 & 17, 2007
One of our favorite bartenders, and a good friend is returning to Ireland.
2007 High Heels Race Pics:
October 30, 2007
The annual High Heels race along 17th Street.  And no, it wasn't a drag!
Crystal Ellerbe's Birthday Pics:
October 20, 2007
Crystal made a return trip from Chicago to celebrate her birthday.
Turner's Birthday Pics:
September 20 & 21, 2007
I had a great time celebrating my birthday this year.  Thanks to everyone who came out to wish me well as delve into my middle ages.
British Pat & Jessica's Wedding Pics:
August 18, 2007
Went to the best wedding that Delaware has seen in years!
Trip to Los Angeles:
August 8-14, 2007
Went out west to visit my buddies, the Viking and Darin.
2007 DC Pride Parade & Festival:
June 9-10, 2007
What have you done today to make you feel proud?
Our Stock the Bar/Housewarming Party:
May 19, 2007
New house - gotta have a party!
Sandy's birthday:
April 29, 2007
A beautiful lady gets a year younger.
British Pat's bachelor party / Jazzfest 2007:
May 4-7, 2007
Another one gets ready to bite the dust.

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